……..……Sing with... Perfect Vibrato tm

The PERFECT VIBRATOtm Vocal Training Program
is all about teaching you
how to sing with vibrato.

It's a
Training Program for Mastering Vibrato!
Perfect Vibratotm, a 3CD set -or- web download vocal training program for developing and mastering vibrato, was created by voice teacher, Eric Bruner. In his over 25 years of coaching vocalists, he has developed incredibly efficient methods of teaching singers to vocalize with great vocal technique singing both vibrato and straight tone.

. Not sure what vibrato is? Read more…
No matter the style of music, one of the characteristics of a professional sounding voice is a controlled use of vibrato and straight tone

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"I was never on of those singers whose voice had a 'natural' vibrato.  Eric's CDs showed me that it's possible to give nature 'a little push' and release a comfortable, free vibrato in my voice."
- Dave Luethke
"Outstanding! The info, the exercises, the recording quality, the pacing - all great stuff.  I'm recommending this to every singer I know, whether they struggle with vibrato or not. Just the section on getting a clean straight tone alone was worth the price 20x over!" - Lisa Arding

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